Поставки нефтегазового оборудования и запчастей,
сервисное обслуживание нефтегазового оборудования

Oil-and-gas drilling machinery and spare parts for the oil rig pumps

Welcome to the «BurSnab» Company web-site

Having started in 2001, a young and full of energy team of like-minded specialists transformed their creation into a leading integrated supplier of equipment and materials for oil-and-gas industry. During the aforesaid period, the company has developed and strengthened its close partnership with leading players of the domestic oil-and-gas sector and has significantly expanded the geography of supply, which includes: New Urengoy, Orenburg, Astrakhan, Krasnodar, Irkutsk, Krasnoyarsk, Yamal, Kamchatka and other regions of Russia.

Highest standard of competence, timeliness and reliability of the supplied products, optimal balance of value and service quality, integrated approach in collaboration with counterparts, earned the company a well-deserved authority both among manufacturers and customers.

As an authorized dealer, the company has exclusive relations with many manufacturers of oil-and-gas drilling machinery in Russia, products of which it represents. The range of the supplied products is broad enough, including a full list of units, spare parts and consumable materials used in drilling.

Spare parts for the oil rig pumps and equipment for oil-and-gas industry





In order to increase the effectiveness of the activities, we developed our own manufacturing of number of oil-and-gas products range, including centrifugal-cast bimetallic liners and other spare parts for oil rig pumps.


Another important activity of the company is the drilling machinery overhaul, which is especially important in reducing the capital investment for procurement of the new equipment in connection with the financial crisis. Overhaul orders for drilling equipment units are placed for the joint or affiliated manufacturing facilities (sub-contractors).

We do not intend to stop on the results achieved. Last years, the domestic oil-and-gas industry trends to switch to conventional Western standards of service customers. Therefore, the company has now begun to introduce innovative approaches to the oil rig pumps maintenance that includes the selection and timely replacement of pump subassemblies with high-quality spare parts, including spare parts of its own production.

Based on the aforesaid, the «BurSnab» Company offers cooperation in the field of procurement, maintenance and repair of oil-and-gas drilling machinery.