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Bimetallic Liners

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One of the essential components, which we produce for the smooth operation of oil rig pumps, is bimetallic liners. The company has its own workshops, where this product being manufactured by the method of centrifugal casting (one of the most widespread methods).

Bimetallic type liners increasingly used in oil-and-gas producing industry, since it have more attractive performance characteristics than conventional ones.

What is the difference of bimetallic liners?

This product has several layers. The outer layer made of steel, thereby providing higher resistance to corrosion and endurance failures. Inner layer made of abrasion-resistant iron. As a result, which is very important for moving elements, the inner layer has a tensile and flexural strength as well as good resistance to abrasion. In addition, to improve the bond performance and rating of viscosity, chromium and molybdenum can be added into the cast iron.

Using bimetallic pump liners in the drilling systems of various modifications allows extending the operation life of the drilling machinery, and hence to get an economic benefit - reduce the costs for pumps maintenance.

«BurSnab» Company offers high-quality bimetallic liners for various types of oil rig pumps to the interested organizations.

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