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Oil rig pump liners

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Oil-and-gas machinery is extremely demanded in Russia, because production and subsequent marketing of oil and gas is an important part of the Russia's federal budget. This industry returns a huge interest to the state, so, supplying it by the quality and efficient equipment - one of the main priorities of the engineering complex. The «BurSnab» Company has a successful experience on the market of oil-and-gas machinery for about 10 years, offering a wide range of oil rig pumps and spare parts.

One of the sought-after parts is oil rig pump liners. Our company offers bimetallic and ordinary liners for pumps of various types. «BurSnab» Ltd. has its own production facilities, which manufactures the necessary number of parts and assemblies and centrifugal-cast bimetallic liners for oil rig pumps in particular.

Among the components required for normal functionality of the drilling equipment, an important role plays pump liners that act as pump working cylinders and creates pressure while pistons move.

As soon as lots of oil and gas fields are in the development stage in Russia, a huge number of units of the drilling equipment are constantly involved into production process, including pumps that require supply of consumable components.

Liners working life

Average working life of the liner can be up to 800 hours, after which it requires replacement.

As for bimetallic liners, which are increasingly used in gas and oil industry, their mean time between failures (MTBF) can be up to 1000 hours and more. However, any equipment that can undergo considerable stress, require timely inspection and replacement of the worn parts if necessary.

The «BurSnab» Company specializing in the manufacture and supply various components for drilling machinery, offers a cylinder liners, which can be used in pumps of various types (e.g., UNB-600, NZP-25, NBT-300, NBT-600, UNBT-950 , UNBT 1180).

«BurSnab» Ltd. has nearly a decade of experience in the market of components for oil rig equipment - we offer to our partners only reliable and high quality spare parts. We will be glad to supply you with cylinder liners and other components under the pre-order conditions. Call us or leave a request!

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