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Overhaul of drilling machinery

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An important activity of the company that closes in with the service maintenance is a major overhaul of the drilling equipment. At present it is an urgent factor, since the financial crisis has still not been overcome, resulting in insufficiency of funds needed for the enterprises upgrade.

Orders for overhaul of the units for the drilling equipment are placed at the specialized joint or affiliated  manufacturing facilities.

Our experts provide disassembly, assembly, troubleshooting, repair and overhaul of thee whole range of equipment below:

  • Sets of blowout preventer equipment - OP5-230x35, OP5-230x70, OP5-350x35, as well as their constituent single units: spot and universal preventers, cross tees, coils, control and auxiliary boards, throttle control blocks, gas separators, flow lines manifold, valves, throttles;
  • Swivel necks;
  • Rotors;
  • Torque wrench;
  • Winch drive shafts;
  • Gear changing boxes;
  • Crank mechanisms;
  • Hydraulic boxes;
  • Hydraulic torque converters;
  • Safety valves;
  • ShPM discharging valves;
  • Transmission shafts;
  • Calf wheel hook and crane blocks;
  • Chain motors and drives;
  • Drilling manifolds.