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Oil Rig Pumps Servicing

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The company offers a full range of services to provide customers with necessary equipment and spare parts, repairs and maintenance during the period of exploration and development drilling, as well as methodical and technical follow-up of the drilling process by applying advanced domestic and international achievements in this field.

In order to improve efficiency and provide service maintenance on timely manner, the company seeks to ensure the presence of its divisions in all key oil-and-gas areas. In the set of services provided to the customers, replacement of the pump units with high-quality spare parts of company's own production plays a special role. As a result - a reduced costs of working time and cost of the team expenses during drilling operations.

The company also pays attention to the importance of uninterrupted supply needed for the service maintenance of the equipment, which is achieved through pre-allocating of necessary materials at their own warehouses in the vicinity of the location of the customer deposits. At the moment, the service division is focused on strategic region of the national scale - Yamal Peninsula (Bovanenkovskoye condensate field) and carries out maintenance of oil rig pumps UNBT-1180L1 for the needs of the branch of «Gazporm-drilling» - «Ukhta drilling» Ltd.

Oil rig pumps servicing includes:

1. Diagnosis and defects examination of the customer's equipment.

2. Express-analysis of results and comparison with the manufacturer's technical specifications.

3. Repair works at the customer's premises without moving-out the machinery.

4. After-sale service of the supplied products.

5. Replacement of the spare parts by our experts (liners, pistons, valves, rods).

6. Routine maintenance and major repairs straight at the production areas of the company.

7. Professional consultations.